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Research Opportunities

LEAP – LDS Emergence Acceleration Program

Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Canada has established a strategic plan to fund Loeys-Dietz syndrome and other Heritable Aortic Disorders research.


  • Construct the Loeys Dietz syndrome and related Heritable Aortic Disorders research ecosystem.
  • Identify and fund investigators with research interest in Loeys-Dietz syndrome (LDS), TGF beta signaling, connective tissue disorders, aortopathies, or any related fields.
  • Support impactful LDS research projects that will generate new and important knowledge.
  • Provide leadership development and networking opportunities.

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GRIP - Global Research Inventory Program

The Global Research Inventory Program (GRIP) is a global inventory of all research published on Loeys-Dietz syndrome.  An exciting feature of the GRIP project is the database of all of the medical professionals that have collaborated on the published research.  This database will be instrumental in ensuring that LDSF Canada will have a comprehensive and global reach with our LDS Emergence Acceleration Program (LEAP)– thus ensuring we reach the brightest minds around the world.